Ultimate craps strategy for experienced players

Dice Strategy

Dice games are one of the most popular games in casinos around the world, and even though the final result will always depend on luck, there are many tricks and tips that serve to create an ultimate craps strategy for the most experienced players.

And the main objective of players of any level is to win when throwing the dice. Most people associate the dice strategy directly with mathematical methods. Still, the truth is that the success of this game depends solely on the technique of throwing and practice of the same.

In addition, there are other strategies that experienced players use in craps games that are not related to the roll of the dice or that depend on chance; rather, they are direct strategies on the ways of betting that help to decrease the bookmakers’ advantages and at the same time increase the player’s winning odds.

Ways to practice winning at craps

There are many ways to practice to win at craps games. Among the most common nowadays are the websites that offer the game online; since players can practice even for free through a simulator.

This also allows beginner players to familiarize themselves with the game in a more practical and unpressured way so that they can fully master the rules of the game and make their strategy when rolling the dice.

Players should also have complete knowledge about the betting and winning system, making their chances of success considerably higher; however, the odds of winning at craps remain the same as any game of chance that depends solely on the players’ luck.

Strategies most commonly used in dice games

Although dice games seem to depend on probabilities, many players have created different strategies based on mathematical analysis and betting systems to achieve success in each of their throws. Among the most used strategies by experienced players in craps games are the following:

    Don’t pass: this is the name given to a type of bet valid among the rules of the dice games, it is a division of the results where the players will win with the sum between 2 and 3; while the betting house will win with the sum between 7 and 11.

    Don’t come: it is directly related to the don’t pass bet, and its function is to bet against the shooter with the main objective of obtaining some profit from his game.

    Laying Odds: this strategy is generally used in combination with the no pass betting strategy. It has a high probability of success in weakening the bookmaker’s advantage over the game.

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