Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70th Anniversary

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Hiroshima 2015 Program

Men and women of the world: never again plan war.
With this atomic bomb war can only mean suicide for the human race.
From this atomic horror the people of Nagasaki confront the world and cry out: NO MORE WAR.
Let us follow the commandments of love and let us work together.
The people of Nagasaki prostrate themselves before God and pray:
Grant that Nagasaki may be the last atomic wilderness in the history of humanity.

Grant us peace.


Download PDF document (223Kb) >> Hiroshima 2015 program



Thursday, August 6, 2015 12:00 Noon
Peace Pole, Hamilton City Hall 71 Main St. West, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4Y5
For further information call Rein Ende 905-523-7875 or Khursheed Ahmed 905-979-9696 (e-mail:

Event supported by local and international organizations:

  • Hamilton Mundialization Committee;
  • International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,
  • Mayors for Peace,
  • Project Ploughshares,
  • Physicians for Global Survival;
  • Centre for Peace Studies (McMaster University);
  • Amnesty International;
  • Gandhi Peace Festival;
  • United Nations Association;
  • Interfaith Council for Refugees and Human Rights;
  • Culture of Peace Hamilton;
  • Religious Society of Friends (Quakers);
  • Hamilton Voice of Women for Peace;
  • Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament;
  • Children’s International Learning Centre.


“Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial”
Rev. Seiichi Ariga

Joy Warner
Culture of Peace Hamilton

Students’ Poetry Presentation

Burlington’s Do Kon Daiko Japanese Drummers


All to join in

“Longing for Peace”
Rev. Seiichi Ariga
Please join us for a reception at the City Hall outside
Council Chambers following the program


Let’s resolve to eliminate nuclear threat from the world
Call for volunteers for the Shadow Project. Thursday, Aug 13, 7 pm. on James St. North.
Contact: Bryce Kanbara You Me Gallery 905-523-7754. Chalk provided.


We, who live in the shadow
of the mushroom cloud
today declare our commitment
to future generations
and to action on their behalf.

From our diverse religious traditions we renew
our wonder at the sacredness of the earth
and the sanctity of life.
We declare that we are at peace
with all people of good will.
We require no leader to tell us
whom to call “enemy”
or whom to call “friend”
or what to call “security”.

Instead, we affirm
that our earth’s security rests
not in armaments, but
in the fairness of adequate housing, food and water;
in the justice of safe and renewable energy;
in the legitimacy of meaningful education and work;
in the integrity of economic order
that gives everyone
access to our earth’s abundance;
in the honesty of political process
to which all people contribute;
and in the decency of human relationships
nourished by cooperation and love.

We choose struggle rather than indifference.
We choose to befriend the earth
rather than exploit it.
We choose a future free of nuclear war,
oppression and hunger
and we will settle for nothing less.

We unite with our sisters and brothers the world over
to join in communities of resistance
to the spirit of annihilation.
We unite with trust in the Spirit of Life.

For before us today are set life and death
and we choose life
that we and our children may live.
So let it be! (Author unknown)

Download PDF document (223Kb) >> Hiroshima 2015 program