Cities cherish their friends with benefits

Yes, mayors shake hands and smile for the cameras, but when cities make friends it’s more than a photo op.

City twinning, the pseudo-formal process of declaring a sister city or a “friendship agreement” with a city in another country, is less common than it used to be, yet local municipalities still take time — and spend thousands of taxpayer dollars — to legitimize and maintain their relationships.

Published On Sun Apr 29 2012

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Emily Jackson
Staff Reporter


COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: World Citizenship Award honours Hamilton’s best
By Jeff Bonner, special to the News
Wednesday, April, 25, 2012

On May 8, 1968, the City of Hamilton, by a resolution of council, and witnessed by the Canadian ambassador to the United Nations, was declared mundialized — a World City. The mayor of the day, Victor Copps, called upon the citizens of Hamilton to “pledge their efforts to the establishment of peace and to use all possible resources for the betterment of mankind.”

Mundialization is an old municipal peace activity. The word is derived from the Latin word mundus, meaning world, and it is an act whereby city council declares its city to be a “world city,” interdependent with other communities worldwide. Hamilton’s sister city relationships include: Shawinigan, Que.; Flint, Mich.; Sarasota, Fla.; Monterrey, Mexico; Mangalore, India; Ma’anshan, China; Fukuyama, Japan; Kaga, Japan; Racalmuto, Italy; and Valle Peligna, Italy.

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Hiroshima-Nagasaki Event August 6 2015

Bob and Pat were the first on the scene, and the last to leave, our event today.
Bob took some pictures.

CHCH was out and did a few shots of the drummers, Ray Cunnington, and myself. Apparently this will be shown on News at Six on CHCH, today.


Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70th Anniversary

Hiroshima 2015 Program

Men and women of the world: never again plan war.
With this atomic bomb war can only mean suicide for the human race.
From this atomic horror the people of Nagasaki confront the world and cry out: NO MORE WAR.
Let us follow the commandments of love and let us work together.
The people of Nagasaki prostrate themselves before God and pray:
Grant that Nagasaki may be the last atomic wilderness in the history of humanity.

Grant us peace.


Download PDF document (223Kb) >> Hiroshima 2015 program



Thursday, August 6, 2015 12:00 Noon
Peace Pole, Hamilton City Hall 71 Main St. West, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4Y5
For further information call Rein Ende 905-523-7875 or Khursheed Ahmed 905-979-9696 (e-mail:

Event supported by local and international organizations:

  • Hamilton Mundialization Committee;
  • International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,
  • Mayors for Peace,
  • Project Ploughshares,
  • Physicians for Global Survival;
  • Centre for Peace Studies (McMaster University);
  • Amnesty International;
  • Gandhi Peace Festival;
  • United Nations Association;
  • Interfaith Council for Refugees and Human Rights;
  • Culture of Peace Hamilton;
  • Religious Society of Friends (Quakers);
  • Hamilton Voice of Women for Peace;
  • Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament;
  • Children’s International Learning Centre.


“Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial”
Rev. Seiichi Ariga

Joy Warner
Culture of Peace Hamilton

Students’ Poetry Presentation

Burlington’s Do Kon Daiko Japanese Drummers


All to join in

“Longing for Peace”
Rev. Seiichi Ariga
Please join us for a reception at the City Hall outside
Council Chambers following the program


Let’s resolve to eliminate nuclear threat from the world
Call for volunteers for the Shadow Project. Thursday, Aug 13, 7 pm. on James St. North.
Contact: Bryce Kanbara You Me Gallery 905-523-7754. Chalk provided.


We, who live in the shadow
of the mushroom cloud
today declare our commitment
to future generations
and to action on their behalf.

From our diverse religious traditions we renew
our wonder at the sacredness of the earth
and the sanctity of life.
We declare that we are at peace
with all people of good will.
We require no leader to tell us
whom to call “enemy”
or whom to call “friend”
or what to call “security”.

Instead, we affirm
that our earth’s security rests
not in armaments, but
in the fairness of adequate housing, food and water;
in the justice of safe and renewable energy;
in the legitimacy of meaningful education and work;
in the integrity of economic order
that gives everyone
access to our earth’s abundance;
in the honesty of political process
to which all people contribute;
and in the decency of human relationships
nourished by cooperation and love.

We choose struggle rather than indifference.
We choose to befriend the earth
rather than exploit it.
We choose a future free of nuclear war,
oppression and hunger
and we will settle for nothing less.

We unite with our sisters and brothers the world over
to join in communities of resistance
to the spirit of annihilation.
We unite with trust in the Spirit of Life.

For before us today are set life and death
and we choose life
that we and our children may live.
So let it be! (Author unknown)

Download PDF document (223Kb) >> Hiroshima 2015 program

2015 Photo Competition

City Hamilton Ontario Canada




The City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Mundialization Committee are pleased to announce a photo competition to celebrate the City of Hamilton,Ontario, Canada and its ten twin cities, Shawinigan (QC), Mangalore (India), Kaga (Japan), Fukuyama (Japan), Racalmuto (Italy), Valle Peligna (Italy), Ma’anshan (China), Flint (MI), Sarasota (FL) and Monterrey (Mexico).

The theme of the photo competition, “Hands Around the World”, reflects the spirit of harmony and international goodwill promoted by the Hamilton Mundialization Committee.  All photos must be submitted digitally and must have been taken by a resident of Hamilton or one of its twin cities, in any one of the 11 named municipalities, during the year 2015. The date of the photograph is to be confirmed by the metadata including with the file submitted. A maximum of one entry per category will be accepted from each entrant.

Entries may be submitted in the following categories:

  1. Images of Peace – Create original work using any one or combinations of visual symbols or representations of peace.
  2. Hands Around the World (Places & Spaces) – Capture the essence of one of the cities so people will want to learn more and visit.
  3. Special Bonds (People) – Showcase people of these cities, exhibiting the essence of friendship and cultural understanding.

An independent judging panel comprised of local photographic professionals and community members will review the photographs based on technical quality, artistic composition, texture and light, and overall representation of the theme.

An overall winner will be awarded the grand prize of $500.  Additional prizes in the amount of $100 each will be awarded in the other categories (2), as well as an optional prize (1) for a municipality,

if warranted in the opinion of the judges.  The winners will be announced at the conclusion of judging. The deadline for receipt of entries is Friday, October 16, 2015,at 4:30 p.m. (EDT).

Electronic entries should be submitted

online at

Entries may also be submitted on CD (but media will not be returned), by mail to the following location:

City of Hamilton
Customer Service, Access & Equity Division

Attn: Michael Richards

71 Main Street West

Hamilton ON Canada L8P 4Y5

Complete contest rules and details are available at
as well as at our website:


World Citizenship Awards Winners 2014

Hamilton Mundialization Committee Logo HMC

The judges have completed their task and have named two winners for this year’s World Citizenship Award:

  • Linda Plourde
  • Leo Johnson

Please duplicate the attached invitation and share with your friends and neighbours.

>> HMC WCA 2014 invite (Word document)


World Citizenship Award Presentation for 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

6:00 p.m.

Council Chambers, Hamilton City Hall

71 Main Street West, Hamilton

Reception to follow



Presentation from Kaga to Hamilton

Kara Mayor Miyamoto expressed his upmost interest in extending this sister city relationship to the City of Hamilton, and make it official in his speech at the farewell party. Kara Mayor’s gift will be presented at Hamilton City Hall next Wednesday.


Hamilton/Dundas Canada & Kaga Japan

World First Twin Cities between East and West
with Student Exchange and Home stay

A big family goodbye: Farewell Party at Kaga, Canadian students with host families, Kaga Mayor Miyamoto, City Councils and presidents of our twin cities

Date: Wed September 24
Time: 4:45 PM
Place: Hamilton City Hall
           Council Chamber


Student Exchange Kaga Hamilton


YMCA Peace Medallion

Do you know someone who should be acknowledged for their extraordinary stand for peace in the Hamilton | Burlington | Brantford community?

Every time someone takes an action for peace, people are connected, to themselves and to each other. In every community there are people who make a difference and who try hard to bring peace and prosperity to the world they live in, often in the face of great conflict and injustice.

The YMCA Peace Medal is a way to recognize and celebrate members of your community who inspire us to join them in creating a more peaceful world.

We are now accepting nominations for the 2014 YMCA Peace Medal Award. The award recognizes the achievements of individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to fostering a culture of peace in the community.

Submit your nomination online >> here.

Deadline for nominations is Wednesday October 22, 2014

Medals will be presented at the

Peace Medal Breakfast

Tuesday November 25, 2014

7:30-10:00 am (Doors open at 7:00 am)

Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s

Purchase your Peace Medal Breakfast Breakfast tickets online here.

Deadline for registrations is Monday November 17, 2014


YMCA  Peace Week

International Day of Peace

Hamilton ON

For Immediate Release

International Day of Peace, Sunday September 21th 2014

Hamilton City Hall Peace Garden by the Peace Pole

Culture of Peace Hamilton invites you to join us in celebrating peace and embracing live-affirming pathways of living that help to build a local and global culture of peace


Join us for a Brown Bag Lunch in the Garden @ 1:00  It will be followed by a ceremony from 1:30 to 2:30 which includes:


  • Drumming
  • Welcome by Culture of Peace member Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster
  • Collective Reading of the UN Declaration of the Right of Peoples to Peace
  • A Puppet Show directed by Melanie Skein
  • Reading of 6 Pathways (by children)
  • Moment of Silence
  • Singing of Peace Is In Your Hands: an original song created by a Hamiltonian


Media Contact:

Gail Rapport (905) 527-0470

Ray Cunnington (905) 628-4976

173 Dundurn Street South,Hamilton, ON. L8P 4K5


Background Culture of Peace:

Culture of Peace Hamilton is an offshoot of United Nations Canada. For over a decade it has supported initiatives to reduce violence and oppression.


When Hamilton was hit by a wave of vandalism following the 9/11 attack on New York, we proposed a plan to protect immigrants and vulnerable minorities from hate crimes.  After much effort we obtained a federal grant of $120,000 over three years, to launch the Citizen Protection Project.  Although the initiative received additional support from the community, and from the City and Police, it was unable to attract sustaining funds.


From the beginning we have participated and supported the activities of many other groups. We have also attempted to raise money through Hamilton Peace Dollars. We have been active in the development of a new Peace Garden at City Hall.  At our own expense we have conducted preliminary research into the positive values that individuals and social justice groups contribute to a Culture of Peace in Hamilton.


Recently we brought these ideas to the attention of a city-wide audience when we celebrated the first decade of a Culture of Peace with a new song, a new logo, and a strong endorsement for us to continue our work.


Participate in our meetings. Support local events such as the Gandhi Festival, Earth Day, UN International Day of Peace and Martin Luther King Day.


Our planning meetings are held roughly once a month. As the times are irregular, please call ahead:

Ray (905) 628-4976 or Gail (905) 527-0470


Links to Others Organizations:

Department of Peace Hamilton

United Nations Association in Canada, Hamilton Branch

World Report on Culture of Peace

Manifesto 2000 – United Nations Association of Canada

The 22nd Annual Gandhi Peace Festival Hamilton 2014

Community Service Peace Awards – 2014
Call for Nominations

A Festival for All: Families, children, women, young people and older adults!

Monday Sep 29 to Saturday, to Oct 4. City Hall, Hamilton and McMaster University

Coordinating Team – Jahan Zeb, Dr.  Rama Singh, Dr. Khursheed Ahmed
Phone: 289-788-4646  E-mail:


Gandhi Peace Festival (10)Community Service Peace Award recognizes the extraordinary efforts and achievements of an individual (or group of individuals) in helping to create, sustain or promote culture of Peace in some local, national or international setting. There are three awards: One adult award, and two youth awards – one under the age of 18, and one between the ages of 19-30 at the time of receiving this award.  “Culture of Peace” definition  is available at


In each category, one recipient will be recognized each year at the Gandhi Peace Festival. However, the organizers of the GPF reserve the right not to bestow this award in any given year.


Nomination: Nominations should be made by someone who knows the nominee well – such as teachers, parents, family friends. The nomination should consist of: (1) a written statement, no more than 1,000 words in length, listing the relevant achievements of the nominee with specific examples wherever possible; (2) the name, address, phone number and e-mail of the nominee and the nominator(s); and (3) at least one independent reference letter, using letterhead if possible, in support of the nomination.
All nominating material, including the reference letter, should reach  Mariana Costa at  or
by postal mail by Friday, September 19, 2014 to:
Mariana Costa
Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University
Togo Salmon Hall 308, McMaster University, 1280 Main Street West

Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4M2


Awards: The winner shall receive a framed certificate and a cheque for $100. All deserving nominees would get a Certificate of Nomination.


Awards Presentation: The Awards shall be announced and presented at the Peace Festival during the official program from 11:00am-12:00 noon on Saturday, October 5, 2013.


Backgrounder: The Annual Gandhi Peace Festival is a community oriented festival based in Hamilton featuring activities related to peace and justice and is open to all for FREE. The Gandhi Peace Festival has been inspiring Hamiltonians for over 20 years.


Peace is more than absence of war. It is about poverty, environment, violence against women, racism, bullying in schools, and about national and international issues that affect our lives. A thriving and vibrant society must find ways to engage its citizens to have meaningful conversation and dialogue about these issues. Such conversations and dialogues are the first steps to empowering people.

Gandhi Peace Festival Flyer-a



2014 World Citizenship Awards – Youth Category new this year

Hamilton Mundialization Committee Logo HMC

World Citizenship Award.  Nominations now open

Deadline: Friday, September 19, 4 p.m.

The World Citizenship Award honours Hamiltonians who have made significant contributions towards world peace locally or globally.  The award is a bronze medallion designed by the renowned artist Elizabeth Holbrook, mounted on a plaque for presentation at an awards reception hosted by the Hamilton Mundialization Committee.

New for this year: “youth” category
Award will be presented at City Hall in October 8, 2014 (tentative date) Guidelines for the World Citizenship Award Nomination

  1. The candidate should be a resident of the City of Hamilton.
  2. The candidate must consent to the nomination. Signature of nominee must be obtained.
  3. Current members of the executive of the Hamilton Mundialization Committee are not eligible.
  4. A photograph (5″ x 7″) of the nominee is to be enclosed with the package.
  5. The following information should be included:
    • A one-page introduction outlining the nominee’s background, experience and community involvement · Description of the significant contributions the nominee has made towards Mundialization, International Understanding and World Citizenship · How many years and under what circumstances has the nominee been involved in these efforts?
    • What are the impacts and results achieved due to the contributions made by the nominee?
    • Testimonials, letters of reference, copies of awards and certificates.
    • Photocopies are acceptable.
  6. All materials submitted for nomination remain as property of the Hamilton Mundialization Committee unless special arrangement has been made prior to submission.

Youth Category: 30 and under please indicate that on applications.  Obtain

WCA-2014-nomination-form – PDF doc 325KB
WCA-2014-ad – PDF doc 231KB

  • Customer Service, Access & Equity, Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main St. W. L8P 4Y5

Previous winners of the award include:

Tony DiSilvestro – 2004
Morteza Jafarpour – 2003
Gary and Joy Warner – 2002
Lt.-Gen. (Ret.) Rom­éo Dallaire – 2001
Alan F. Phillips – 1998
Joanna Santa-Barbara – 1996
Graeme MacQueen and Paul Dekar – 1994
Sister Helen Kobelsky – 1992
Leonor Sorger – 1991
Agdhas Javid – 1990
Sheila Davis – 1989
Hanna and Allan Newcombe – 1988


Photography contest – Winter 2015 start taking entries in the Fall of 2014

*Looking for new members for the Mundalization Committee

For further information, please contact: Rein Ende, Chair, Hamilton Mundialization Committee,
905-523-7875, or by e-mail: