Hamilton Mundialization Committee

Hamilton Mundialization Committee Logo HMCOn May 8, 1968, the City of Hamilton, by a resolution of council, and witnessed by the Canadian ambassador to the United Nations, was declared mundialized — a World City. The mayor of the day, Victor Copps, called upon the citizens of Hamilton to “pledge their efforts to the establishment of peace and to use all possible resources for the betterment of mankind.”


Mundialization is one of the oldest of municipal peace activities. The word is derived from the Latin word “mundus” meaning “world”. It is an act whereby City Council declares its city to be a “world city”, interdependent with other communities worldwide. It involves the linking or twinning of cities around the world, in the belief that future peace and progress are dependent on co-operation, goodwill and understanding.

World Citizenship Awards 2012Linkages take place not only at the municipal government level but also at the citizen level. Mundialization fosters people-to-people linkages and friendships, to further peace, justice and understanding.



Photos from World Citizenship award May 8, 2012